Dad, why don’t you make one?

The story began well over four years ago.

Jon, who was a teenager back then, kept bugging his father, Knut Späte:
He claimed he needed a scooter… Or, preferably, a moped with cult status. His main concern: He wanted to cruise around and look cool.

His father, who was deeply invested in the protection of the environment, did not like the idea of funding a fuel guzzling loud vehicle for his son.

Knut, the dad, was convinced that something like that also had to be available in a modern version that was clean and did not generate a lot of noise. His search produced nothing. Such a motorized bike did not exist. Certainly not the kind Knut envisioned.

Hence, on a mission to find a solution for his son, he invented the YouMo and e-cruising. He actually also invented both for you, but he didn’t know that back then.
The idea made its rounds; so Späte soon partnered with Swiss universities and enterprises.

Now you can be the latest innovation his invention ushered in:
zero emissions, sustainable and stylish e-bike that definitely meets the criteria of a cult object and is totally state-of-the-art from the technical perspective.

YouMo. Just cruise.

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