BodyFloat 2.0 Aluminium

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With the BodyFloat 2.0 Aluminum Kinekt Post, you can stay in the saddle of your YouMo over more terrain with improved traction and better control. Stable connections optimize comfort and performance while enhancing your riding experience. Effective isolation from vibrations, impacts, and body movement provides more comfort and less fatigue.

Features include:

  • Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloys.
  • Interchangeable springs for varying riding styles and rider weights.
  • Easy to access tuning bolt.
  • Up to 1.5″ (38mm) of vertical travel.
  • Weight = 515g – 555g.
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Product Description

BodyFloat 2.0 Aluminum Isolation Seatpost is a simple seatpost-based isolation system that is designed to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient riding experience possible…for any rider upon any bike. BodyFloat marries comfort with performance…and does it by optimizing both!

BodyFloat Kinekt Technology is available in an economical aluminum post! Same patented mechanism as the 3.x to isolate you from bumps and vibrations. Available in different lengths and sizes.

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