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The little brother of Schlingel. Perfect for short expeditions – it’s an elegant solution for the problem „full pants- and jacketpockets”, that every men and women know. Spitzbueb offers space for a small umbrella, a waterbottle, a tablet and a camera– with the bag Spitzbueb produced by Schreif you are ready for some hoax.

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The “Spitzbueb” frame bag from Schreif for YouMo. The “Spitzbueb” is inserted into a holder in the frame and holds itself independently. Thanks to detachable shoulder straps, the “Spitzbueb” can also be used as a full shoulder bag for every day, regardless of its use on the bike.

The “Spitzbueb” is manufactured by hand in the Schreif factory in El Salvador. The landscape bag consists of discarded truck hoses and leather applications. The different surface structures of the raw material make each product unique.

Two outer pockets with zipper and two inner compartments ensure order and quick access to important items. The “Spitzbueb” offers enough space for the little things of everyday life like tablet, agenda, keys, telephone etc. Note: The “Spitzbueb C” fits all YouMo C models, the “Spitzbueb X” fits all YouMo X models.


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Spitzbueb Black (normal, black leather), Spitzbueb Black-red (black with red inset ), Spitzbueb Black-turquoise (black with blue inset), Spitzbueb Black-white (black with white zipper), Spitzbueb Burgundy-red (normal, red leather), Spitzbueb Burgundy-red-black (red with black zipper), Spitzbueb Pearl-white (normal, white leather), Spitzbueb Pearl-white-black (white with black zipper), Spitzbueb Pearl-white-green (white with green zipper), Spitzbueb Pearl-white-green-black (white with green zipper), Spitzbueb Pearl-white-red (white with red zipper), Spitzbueb Pearl-white-red-black (white with red zipper), Spitzbueb Turquoise (normal, blue leather), Spitzbueb Turquoise-black (blue with black zipper)


C, X

  • Weight 650 g
  • Size 24 x 8 x 30 cm
  • Design AIM studio
  • Equipment inside pocket (mobile), inside pockets, space for 13” laptop, inside pocket with zipper, adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Materials truck hose, zipper YKK, cowhide, inner fabric