YouMo E-Bike One P

YouMo One

CHF 3'500
E-Bike YouMo One C blau

YouMo One C

CHF 3'795
YouMo One X500

YouMo One X

CHF 4'990

YouMo MY Job-E-Bike

With the YouMo I can turn my back on traffic jams and even save the time wasted looking for a parking space. I get to work on time in an ecologically sensible and effortless manner – at any time of the day. I have already traveled 1500 km in the first four months and am still completely enthusiastic about the driving experience and the convenient functionalities. However, for me, the nicest thing about the YouMo is the ride home after a long day at work. I move in the fresh air without even perceiving my movement. That way I can clear my mind and fully enjoy a delightful start into the evening.



CHF 149CHF 299
Seitentasche für den Gepäckträger


CHF 199CHF 349

YouMo MY Leisure-E-bike

Ever since my first ride, I became a keen YouMo driver. Not only the compliments I receive on every ride from passers-by about the stylish design brings a smile to my face. The driving experience is also truly indescribable. To me, every ride feels like a little holiday. eCruising is dynamic, powerful, and at the same time extremely relaxing. You just never want to stop riding it.

YouMo MY Shopping-E-bike

The YouMo is my perfect means of local transportation in the city and the agglomeration. Quickly saddled, safely designed, flexible in use and equipped with the necessary storage space for small errands. No wonder my family sometimes competes for the YouMo. In order to under- stand, you have to experience it.