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YouMo AG

Herrenberg 35

8640 Rapperswil SG


Phone: +41 55 552 05 11

Email: info@youmo.ch

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Why do e-bikes frequently cost so much more than regular bicycles?

Well, it is expensive to manufacture special electric motors and rechargeable batteries. Up to 50 percent of the production costs of a completely assembled e-bikes are often consumed by these components. Moreover, only bicycle frames that have been specifically developed for e-bike use can be installed.

What are the differences between a YouMo and other e-bikes?

The most important features: A regular e-bike is for bicycling, a YouMo allows you to cruise. The fun begins with the design, which is very similar to that of a relaxed chopper.

It will tell you: I am different. I’m more comfortable, stronger and I last longer. The comfortable seat and the fact that you sit upright will be easier on your back, muscles and joints – plus your eyes will always be trained on your surroundings and the traffic movements.

However, YouMo e-cruisers have two primary competitive edges: One is their extremely powerful acceleration; the other the many optional features that will allow you to customize your YouMo.

Why should I buy a YouMo e-cruiser?

Because YouMo redefines urban mobility in a very unique way. Because YouMo combines the fun of riding, lifestyle and the protection of the environment like no other e-bike. Because YouMo takes an entirely new approach in terms of concept, technology and design. In a nutshell: Because it is such a great fit for you.

What does the name YouMo mean?

YouMo stands for Your Mobility. In fact, that means a lot more than you might initially think it does.

Our name makes this pledge: We will build you a customized e-cruiser that will allow you to demonstrate and live the meaning of mobility outside of the mainstream.

When and where will I be able to buy a YouMo e-cruisers?

The popularity of our e-cruisers is growing and the demand is on the rise.

We are manufacturing at lightning speed, but always with the greatest attention to detail and passion, because it is our mission to produce truly high-end bikes only

Currently, once you place an order, the delivery time ranges from three to four weeks.

You can purchase your YouMo e-bike right here on our website by clicking BUY. Have it delivered to your YouMo contract dealership. Obviously, you can also place your order directly with one of our Retailers. We are in the process of further expanding the network to allow us to respond more effectively to the high demand.

What do I have to do to wear in the Magura brakes?

The formula for Magura brakes is 30×30. This means that you should brake rapidly 30 times at a speed of 30 km/h without locking the wheel completely.

Initially, it is important to prevent the brakes from getting too hot so that their coatings don’t melt. This means that you should not go on a mountain tour with a long descend when you first buy your e-cruiser.