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Go SwissDrive Bikebus System: YouMo becomes successor for spare parts and repairs

You can now get suitable spare parts directly from YouMo. We can also carry out repairs for you.

Go SwissDrive repair and spare parts service

Tens of thousands of e-bikes are equipped with the Go SwissDrive system. The popular rear hub motors impress with their immense drive power, smooth running and silent operation.

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The Go SwissDrive System

The Go SwissDrive System is an EBike system with hub motor. It consists of a motor, battery and display. All components are digitally connected and coordinate with each other during use. Thanks to different configuration options, the Go SwissDrive System is available both with and without a display and as a trike variant with two motors. Technology, quality and innovation make the system unique and it has therefore received several awards.

The Go SwissDrive system has been used in the past by many bicycle brands of larger and smaller manufacturers. These include Campus, Stöckli, Bulls, MaxCycles, HP Velotechnik, Poisson, DouceCycles, Patria, Kristall, Hilite, Veo, Gobax and YouMo. Furthermore, the system is used by fleet operators such as Deutsche Post and Publibike.

The Go SwissDrive system offers many benefits

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The Go Swissdrive system is very well suited for urban and rural transport as well as for touring.

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The Go Swissdrive system has a long service life.

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The riding characteristics can be very much adapted to the needs of the E-Bike rider.

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Simple operation

With the intuitive user interface, the Go SwissDrive system is easy to use.

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Simple maintenance

The system consists of motor, battery and display as well as the cable connection of all components. Due to the small number of components, maintenance is very easy.

Generations of the Go SwissDrive System

The Go SwissDrive system is available in two different generations.

Externally, they do not differ. The construction of the motor, the battery and the display are almost identical. However, they differ in the communication protocol, in the way the information is exchanged between the individual components.

  • First, the Go SwissDrive system was launched with the BikeBus protocol.
  • In 2018, the system was launched with a CAN bus protocol.


Both generations are not compatible with each other.

Go Swiss Drive Motor Akku Display Evo

Go SwissDrive Motors

Go SwissDrive rear hub motors are the powerful heart of a bike. They transfer their energy directly to where it is needed – to the rear wheel. This makes itself felt in powerful acceleration. Due to the integrated torque sensor and the integrated electronics, the rear hub motor is characterised by very sensitive sensing, elasticity and high running smoothness.

During operation, hardly any audible noise (18 to 25 dB) is generated due to the design. The manufacturer has dubbed this “Silent e-Motion”. To be fair, the motor really does make zero noise, but the noise of the cassette body is still audible without pedalling.

Go SwissDrive motors play out their advantages above all when it comes to driving dynamics, acceleration, sensitivity and the possibility of energy recovery.

Go SwissDrive Display

Various display models were installed by Go SwissDrive. Most of these were the wired LCD standard display and later the EVO display. At the beginning, a wireless version with ANT+ communication was also installed, especially in the Green Mover from Bulls.

Standard Display

The LCD Standard Display in black and white has a compact design and stands out with its high-contrast and easy-to-read display. It is mounted directly on the handlebar grip and can be controlled via the operating buttons. It is compatible with the BikeBus system and has the most important functions. The display was installed until 2016 and is no longer available. It can only be repaired under certain conditions.

EVO TFT colour display

The 3.2″ TFT colour display offers a wide range of functions and storage options. Importantly, it remains legible even under strong sunlight. It consists of the actual display and a docking station with extended operating unit. The display has been installed since 2015.

The display can be easily adjusted thanks to the control buttons close to the grip. It is much more comfortable than the standard display. It withstands dust and moisture according to IP65. The display can either be simply removed from the docking station or mounted in a theft-proof manner. It is possible to charge a mobile phone via the built-in USB interface.

GO SwissDrive Display 1

Apps for Android and iOS have been developed for the display. This allows tour data to be transferred to USB devices. The Bluetooth connection allows calls to the smartphone to be displayed on the display, service data to be transmitted and other functions to be used via the app. The app has not been updated and is no longer available in online stores. Therefore, some functions of the display can currently no longer be used.

DS103 and SW102

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Due to the lack of alternatives and spare parts from Go SwissDrive, YouMo has developed a transceiver box with which displays from other manufacturers can be coupled. The DS103 and SW102 displays can thus be connected to the Go SwissDrive Bikebus system. Both displays have the most important riding parameters and setting options.

Go SwissDrive Batteries

Different battery variants were offered for the Go SwissDrive BikeBus system. The standard variants are:

  • Down tube battery V1 (36V, 15.5 Ah and 558 Wh)

  • Down tube battery V2 (36V, 12.4 Ah and 446 Wh)

  • Rear rack battery (36V, 12.4 Ah and 446 Wh)

with different capacities.


In addition to these standard versions, there were also a number of special developments where the design of the battery was adapted to the design of the bike. Examples include Stöckli with the ET1 and ET2, but also YouMo with its One model series.


For the Go SwissDrive CAN system, an under tube battery and a battery integrated into the frame were offered.

Go SwissDrive Akku

Go SwissDrive's withdrawal from the market

The Swiss company Go SwissDrive was founded in 2011 for the production of e-bike drives. The licence of a German development company was taken over for this purpose. The rear hub motors were mainly in demand in niche industries. Unexpectedly, the company withdrew from the business at the beginning of 2019 shortly before the start of the season. The quality of the engines and their advantages were not questioned.

According to the press release, the reason for the shutdown of production is the stagnating sales figures, the growing dominance of mid-engines and the expected future development costs.


The parent company, the Ortlinghaus Group, continued the Go SwissDrive repair and spare parts service. In Germany and Switzerland, Ortlinghaus also ended the service in 2021 and 2022 respectively. 

Ortlinghaus is a global group for clutch and brake systems.

Go SwissDrive repair of motors - YouMo takes over the role

Today, tens of thousands of Go SwissDrive BikeBus systems are still in use – both privately and for business (rental services). The quality is still convincing. YouMo has decided to continue to provide a spare parts and repair service for existing systems and to offer a long-term solution for customers. For this purpose, spare parts were taken over from Ortlinghaus and corresponding know-how was built up. Important know-how is secured for the coming years via a licence agreement with the original developer. You can send a request directly via our repair and service form. Furthermore, we have compiled a FAQ page to answer the most important technical questions and problems concerning your Go SwissDrive E-Bikesystem. The list is constantly being expanded. Further information and background information can be found in this press release.
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Go SwissDrive spare parts available at YouMo

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In the YouMo shop you will find a wide range of different spare parts for Go SwissDrive BikeBus and CAN bus systems.

We carry important components such as displays, docking stations and cassette bodies and have different versions in stock. From small parts like a cap for the Go SwissDrive motors to chargers, you will find the right spare part. We also have special components that have been installed for various bicycle manufacturers.


If you need a Go SwissDrive spare part that is not listed in our shop, simply contact us. We will check your request and get back to you as soon as possible.