YouMo e-bike service in Germany

Maintenance and repair in Germany

In Germany, you basically have two options for having your e-bike serviced or repaired.

  1. If you have a YouMo dealer near you, you can bring your e-bike there.
  2. For a complete e-bike spare parts and repair service, please contact our location in Rapperswil, Switzerland. We not only service and repair YouMo eCruisers there, but also all other e-bikes with Go SwissDrive motor systems.

These include the following brands / manufacturers:

  • Baboo
  • Bulls Green Mover
  • Campus bicycles
  • Cheetah
  • Douz Cycle
  • Electrolyte
  • Falconry Rennstahl
  • Gobax
  • HP Velotechnik
  • Kristall bikes
  • M1 Spitzing
  • Maxcycles
  • OnnCycle
  • Poison Bikes
  • Radrezept
  • Santos Bike
  • Specialized
  • Stöckli ET
  • TDS Speedster
  • Tout terrain
  • VEO Bikes
  • YouMo

You can find more information here: E-bike service in Switzerland

E-bike maintenance

Your e-bike should be serviced regularly, even if it is working perfectly. During maintenance, both mechanical and electronic components are checked.

Maintenance intervals

Maintenance should be carried out regularly. We recommend an interval of at least once a year, preferably at the start of the season in spring or before the winter break. If you ride your e-bike all year round, it is best to set a specific month of the year in which you have the e-bike serviced.

That’s why it’s worth it:

Even if your e-bike runs flawlessly, wear and tear is a natural part of riding. However, if the chain or other components are not properly maintained or replaced, for example, this can lead to higher costs in the long term than the maintenance costs would amount to. Regular maintenance therefore makes sense and is always worthwhile

Can I maintain my e-bike myself?

We always recommend professional maintenance by our E-Bike Service.

Electronic components in particular require a great deal of specialist knowledge. Our employees also recognize at an early stage whether mechanical parts need to be replaced and then have the necessary tools and spare parts to hand.

Nevertheless, you should look after your e-bike properly. Regular cleaning is a standard part of good e-bike care.

E-Bike Service Sachsenring Bike Manufaktur

E-bike repair

If, despite maintenance and good care, something should no longer run smoothly on your YouMo eCruiser, you can also make use of our service for an e-bike repair.

Troubleshooting, repair and spare parts for the Go SwissDrive motor system

If Go SwissDrive components such as the motor, battery or display no longer work as they should, we can help you with troubleshooting, provide you with our repair service and equip you with suitable spare parts.

You can send us an inquiry here:

Spoking service

In addition to the Go SwissDrive engine service, we have also set up a professional spoking service. This means we can rebuild or repair all Go SwissDrive systems and wheels at short notice. We have the most common spare parts in stock and the eBikes are ready to ride again in no time at all.