Go SwissDrive Problems - Frequently asked technical questions and their solutions

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With this page, we want to help you resolve or at least limit the technical problems with your Go SwissDrive system.

This page is not yet complete and is constantly being expanded.

If you have any questions or problems with the Go SwissDrive system that are not listed here, just contact us via our service form

Problems with the engine and assistance

The engine does not work anymore

We know the error and are working on the error description. If you need an answer quickly, just contact us!

Weak engine support

If the Go SwissDrive motor suddenly produces significantly less power than before, this can be due to a number of factors. The error is usually indicated by the fact that the motor supports less than before with the same force on the pedals. The error is mostly shown when the motor offers less power than before while applying the same amount of force to the pedals. One possible reason is an incorrect parameter set that was installed during a service or at the time of purchase of the e-bike. To remedy this, we recommend that you contact your dealer or us and have a new parameter set installed.

Another possible reason for reduced engine power may be a fatigued or deteriorated torque sensor. In this case, we recommend that you first have the motor recalibrated. If this does not improve the situation, the torque sensor may need to be replaced. You can either send us the complete rear wheel or just the motor.

Another possible reason for a weaker engine response can occur in cold weather below 2 °C, when the bike has been exposed to the cold for a longer period of time. The manufacturer installed elastomers in the torque sensors during a short period of time, which become hard after longer use and at low temperatures, so that more force has to be applied when pedaling. This problem disappears again at higher temperatures. To remedy this, we recommend either moving the bike to a warmer place, switching up the support level or sending the motor to YouMo so that the torque sensor can be replaced.

The motor no longer reaches full speed

If the motor no longer reaches the full final speed as at the beginning, this indicates a settling or loss of the elastomer of the torque sensor.
It may be possible to remedy this by recalibrating the motor, but this is not always possible. You can have the calibration performed by your dealer or by us. If the calibration does not bring the desired success, the torque sensor must be replaced. For this purpose, the engine or the rear wheel must be sent to YouMo.

The engine breaks suddenly as you ride

If your e-bike motor is sluggish and brakes while riding, there may be several causes that you should distinguish. For example, you should determine whether the fall occurs directly at start-up or at higher speeds, and whether it occurs always or only sometimes.

To find the cause, you should investigate how the e-bike system behaves and what is shown on the display and on the battery during the error. If the display shows a negative wattage or current consumption during braking, the switch on the brake lever for recuperation or the cable connection may be defective. In this case, the display on the battery should switch to “charging”. This case can also occur only sporadically.

To verify this, break the connection between the brake lever and the display. If the motor then no longer brakes, either the cable or the brake lever is defective. To find out which of the two parts is defective, you can test it with a continuity tester. The switch on the brake lever normally closes when you apply the brake lever. However, if the continuity test shows continuity all the time, whether you operate the brake lever or not, the switch in the brake lever is defective.

If the motor suddenly and unexpectedly brakes very hard and the battery goes into short circuit protection mode, it is very likely that the electronics in the motor are defective. In this case, when you press the button on the battery, all the LEDs flash together several times. Often, you will also hear noises coming from the engine in this context and may feel a rattling.

However, it is also possible that the battery is defective and goes into short-circuit mode. In this case, however, the motor does not actively brake, but the support is missing.

The motor runs without me having to pedal

The described problem indicates a so-called self-runner. It occurs in different variations. The behavior may depend on the ambient temperature. You may also see an error code “M2” on your display.

Most of the time, the behavior manifests itself in such a way that after you have pedaled, the motor continues to support itself for several seconds. This can also be permanent.

Often this behavior can be corrected by recalibrating the torque sensor. This can be done at a dealer or at YouMo.

We are working on providing you with such a service at your home as well.

Engine hums and jerks

The jerking or humming of the engine can have various causes. A common cause is overheating of the motor, which can be caused by a defect in the electronics. Another possible reason is a defect in the torque sensor. A similar behavior can also occur with a defective battery.

To further isolate the fault, we recommend that you perform another test drive. Make sure the battery is fully charged before you start the ride. The following information is important for the assessment of the error:

  • How often do you use the turbo mode? Are you a frequent rider or do you use your eBike more occasionally?
  • How many kilometers have you covered with your eBike?
  • Has your eBike been serviced regularly? In particular, the question is whether the freewheel has been serviced and cleaned.
  • Does the error occur immediately or only after a certain time?
  • How strong is the jerking/vibrating?
  • Does the engine slow down with this behavior or do you just feel it?
  • Does the battery go into short circuit mode and shut down with this behavior?

If you can provide this information, we can more accurately assess the error. Probably the engine or the rear wheel must be sent in for inspection. However, precise information about the behavior of the eBike is important for troubleshooting.

Error messages and error codes

There are a number of error messages or error codes that can be shown on the display. Depending on the type of display, these errors are shown differently.
The error codes are divided into different categories, errors of the display are marked with a preceding “D”, communication errors between the individual components with a preceding “C” and errors of the engine with an “M”.
With the standard display, the preceding “M” is omitted and no errors of the display are indicated.

Communication error

The most common error codes are communication errors EC-22, EC-40, EC-0 and EC-64.

Error code EC-22, EC-40

The error E22 or EC-40 means that there are problems in the communication between display and motor.

The most common causes for this are plug and cable connections between the display, motor and battery.

The following error sources according to frequency are available in detail:

  1. Very fine metal chips/ metal dust on the socket of the battery pack
  2. Loose contact on the display cable, sometimes occurs only occasionally
  3. Corroded contacts on the plug or socket of the battery pack
  4. Corroded contacts on the plug or socket of the motor
  5. Faulty connection/ loose contact on motor plug
  6. With standard display loose contact/ defect at the plug of the display
  7. On older eBikes, e.g. Bulls, faulty connection at the connecting contacts in the frame (near bottom bracket).
  8. Faulty motor cable

The first step in troubleshooting is to visually inspect all connectors and contacts. It is also important to check the socket on the battery, see 1.A continuity check of the individual leads can help determine the cause. The cables must also be checked for possible loose contacts. The cause of the fault can be determined with a high degree of certainty by cross-exchanging with functioning components. You can have the cross-exchange carried out by your dealer or by YouMo.

Error code EC-64

The EC-64 error is very similar to the EC-22. The troubleshooting procedure is the same. However, it is also possible that the motor is defective. If the cross-exchange reveals the motor as the source of the fault, it must be sent in for repair.

Error code EC-0

The EC-0 error means that the display is not receiving signals from the engine. The most common reason is that the motor connector has not been plugged into the wiring harness or has come loose. Another possible reason may be that an incorrect parameter set has been programmed on the motor. If the motor is defective and can no longer communicate with the display, this error is also indicated on the display.

Display error

The most common display error codes are D300 and D304.

Error code D300

The D300 error indicates an internal memory error. Often we can fix this error. To do this, you need to send us your display for reprogramming. 

Error code D304

Error D304 means that the internal battery of the display must be replaced. For this purpose, the housing of the display must be disassembled.  Since this accesses the electronics directly, we recommend having this done by your dealer or by YouMo. 

Motor error

We know the errors and are working on the error description. If you need an answer quickly, just contact us! 

Problems with the display

The display cannot be switched on

If you have problems switching on the display of your Go SwissDrive eBike system, this can be caused by various reasons. One of the most common causes is an inadequate cable connection or a damaged plug. To check this, we recommend that you carefully check all cable connections and plugs and replace them if necessary. As the battery plug is magnetic, metal shavings may be attracted to the plug, which will then be deposited on the socket of the battery housing. Therefore, check the battery plug and socket for this type of deposit and clean it carefully if necessary. If you still have problems after following these steps, please contact our technical support team, who will be happy to help you.

Pressing individual buttons on the EVO display has no effect

A known bug is that the EVO display can be turned on, but individual buttons no longer work. This may be due to incompatibility of the display with the docking station or a damaged docking station. To determine the cause, you should compare the part numbers of the display and the docking station. See the table below for instructions. If the display and docking station are compatible, but certain buttons do not work, you will need to replace the docking station. You can find the right product in our webshop, either here for CAN-Bus displays or for Bikebus displays up to 2015 or Bikebus displays from 2016.
Important: We have found that there are displays that work, but that destroy the functionality of docking stations. It can happen that individual buttons no longer work after a short time after replacing the docking station. We suspect that this is due to defective protective elements in the display electronics. We were able to identify the fault by measuring the impedance between the contact of the remote pin and the battery and bike bus pin. If this is significantly lower than 70k ohms, we suspect that the display will destroy new docking stations again. We therefore recommend sending the docking station together with the display for testing if it is defective. Otherwise we cannot accept any guarantee for defects.

Pressing individual keys on the standard display has no effect

If certain keys no longer work on the Go SwissDrive Standard display, the only option is to replace the display. It can be replaced with an EVO display with docking station. Additionally you need an adapter plug, because the EVO displays use a different plug. When changing, it is important to note whether a brake switch for recuperation has also been installed on your eBike. In this case, you will need a special adapter plug if you want to continue using this feature.

Display fogs up

The Go SwissDrive EVO display is basically protected from rain, moisture and snow and the housing is sealed. In rare cases, however, the display may still fog up. A possible cause for this can be that the display is exposed to humidity for a longer period of time at changing temperatures, and air with higher humidity is drawn in due to different pressure conditions indoors and outdoors. Since cold air can absorb less water than warm air, the display can then mist up. A good way to remedy this is to place the display in a container of rice in a warm place, for example, and the rice will absorb the moisture.

As a preventive measure, you can also simply remove the display from the docking station if you leave it outside for a longer period of time.

The display shows an incorrect indication on the screen and possibly not all keys work correctly anymore

If the display shows a faulty indication on the screen, sometimes the screen displays overlap when you press the menu key, it is possible that the file system of the display is damaged. In addition, sometimes the display can be switched on but not switched off.

We can try to update the software of the display and restore the file system. Please send us, YouMo, the display for this purpose. Please use our our repair and service form.

The display shows an empty battery even though it is charged.

If the display shows an empty battery even though it is charged, the state of the battery is not transmitted to the display. This can have various causes.

First, you should check if you have replaced any of the components in the system such as the display, docking station, battery or cable harness. Maybe one of the components is not compatible with each other?

If you have exchanged components and do not know if they are compatible, please send us via our
repair and service form
Photos of the product labels of all components .

Furthermore, you should check if your engine is supported and any other error is shown on the display.

A common cause is a faulty connection starting from the connector on the battery.

Very small metal chips are often deposited here. Please check the socket and the plug for such residues. Attention, they are often very small.

Often the battery plug is also not fully inserted into the connector. One reason for this may be that the length of the battery cable is too long or too short. The length of the battery cable should be adjusted so that the battery plug is fully attracted by the magnets in the plug. To check for proper fit, once the battery connector is engaged, grasp the handle firmly on the left and right and wiggle it. If the plug is slightly misaligned, adjust the position of the plug slightly. You can usually do this via the cable’s attachment points on the frame.

If these measures do not bring any improvement, contact your dealer. This person may be able to perform a cross swap with working components. If you don’t have a dealer near you, contact us and we’ll see if we can find a solution.

The odometer on the EVO display is no longer updated

It is unusual that the display is no longer updated. It may be that the file system has an error.

We can try to repair and reset the file system. To do this, you have to send the display to YouMo. Contact us via our repair and service form and make your request. We will then send you a repair order and a delivery bill.

EVO display has loose contact

A loose contact between the EVO display and docking station shows that, among other things, the display briefly turns off while driving or the display can only be turned on when pressure is applied to the display or it is twisted sideways.

First of all , you should ensure that there is no contamination between the display and the docking station. Corroded contacts on the display or docking station are a common cause. To solve the problem, you can try cleaning the contacts on the display and the docking station with a fiberglass brush.

If the problem persists, it could be that the display or docking station contacts are damaged. If you are unsure, you can send us photos for evaluation or both parts for inspection.

In most of these cases, we can repair the display and docking station or replace the back of the display. Melde about our repair and service form and make your request. We will then send you a repair order and a delivery bill.

Problems with battery

The capacity of the battery has decreased considerably and only lasts a few kilometers

We know the error and are working on the error description. If you need an answer quickly, just contact us!.

The battery cannot be charged

We know the error and are working on the error description. If you need an answer quickly, just contact us!.

The display shows an empty battery. However, the battery has been charged

We know the error and are working on the error description. If you need an answer quickly, just contact us!

The battery goes into short circuit mode

If your battery goes into short-circuit mode, it means that it has automatically cut off the power and voltage supply to the system due to excessive electricity flow. This is indicated by flashing LEDs on the battery when you press the button on the battery. This is a protection mode of the battery, whereby it no longer outputs voltage. The reason for this can be a temporary or permanent fault in the wiring harness or a defective motor.

To verify the problem, you can reset the battery. To do this, press and hold the button on the battery for about 10 seconds until the second LED on the battery lights up. Then reconnect the battery and press the button on the battery. This restarts the battery. If the problem was temporary, the LEDs light up one after the other. If the problem is permanent, all LEDs light up in parallel and the battery of your eBike has gone into short-circuit mode again. In this case, you should contact your specialist dealer or YouMo to have a repair carried out.

The capacity indicator on the battery decreases after a few days without me using the E-Bike

If this occurs, it is very likely that the cells of the battery are faulty. . In this case, you should stop using the battery and contact your specialist dealer or YouMo to have it repaired.

Specific problems with the Go SwissDrive CAN bus system

The Go Swissdrive CAN bus system in e-bikes enables communication between various electronic control units, such as the motor, the battery, the display and in some cases also with the lighting. The Go SwissDrive CAN bus system differs in system behavior from the Bikebus system. In contrast to the Bikebus system, where the information between the individual components is transmitted via one line, in the CAN system it is transmitted differentially via 2 lines. With the CAN system, there is no master that controls the communication between the motor, battery and display, as with the Bikebus system. However, with the Go SwissDrive system, the engine collects the information on the bus system and sends it to the display or service tool. Among other things, this has an influence on the behavior in the event of faults in the system.

The +/- buttons on the EVO display do not work AND the battery level is not displayed

If the display can be switched on, but the +/- keys on the display do not work and thedisplay does not show the battery status, the display is not receiving information from the motor .

A possible reason can be a disturbed connection in the communication between display and motor. The cause may be a defective cable or a defective plug. However, it is also possible that the electronics of the motor are defective.

Contact your dealer or us for locating and fixing the error.

If you have the opportunity for a cross-swap of the components, you can narrow down the source of the error. Another way to locate the source of the fault is to measure through the wiring harness. If you can narrow down the source of the error, you can contact us regarding the repair or replacement part. We can replace the wiring harness or connector. If you have located the engine as the source of the fault, we can repair the engine.

If you are unsure which components are defective or you do not have the possibility for a cross exchange, mcontact us via our repair and service form and make your request. We will then send you a repair order and a delivery bill. You are also welcome to bring us your complete eBike for inspection

Specific problems with the Go SwissDrive ANT+ system

The display can be connected to the battery. The motor does not provide support or only for a short time.

If the display can be connected (paired) to the battery but the motor does not support it or only supports it for a short time, there may be various reasons for this. 

1. the battery of your eBike is defective or not compatible with the ANT+ system

2. the motor is defective

3. the display is defective

To find the cause of the problem, you can put the battery into emergency mode. The display has no function and the motor supports in “Normal” mode.

To put the  battery into emergency mode, proceed as follows :

Press the ON button on the battery for longer than 15 seconds. Until the 3rd LED lights up. Then release the ON button again.

If 4 LEDs then light up continuously, the system is in emergency driving mode.

Then carry out a test drive. If the motor is supported correctly, the fault lies in the connection between the display and the battery.

New displays cannot be provided by YouMo. We can supply ANT+ batteries at .

If the motor does not support at all, the fault may lie in the battery or motor.

We can investigate whether the fault lies in the battery or motor. To do this, you need both about our spare parts and repair service for existing Go SwissDrive systems to us.

We also offer the option of converting the ANT+ into a Bikebus system. You can find the details in the section below.

Preventive measures to avoid electrical problems and defects

You can help prevent electrical problems and defects yourself.

Contact problems on the battery

Contact problems on the battery often occur with the Go SwissDrive system due to small metal chips or very small metallic objects. In most cases, these come to the battery through the magnetic charging plug. Please make sure that you do not leave your charging plug on the ground. It thus collects very small metallic objects, such as metal shavings, and transfers them to the battery’s charging socket during charging.

Another reason for contact problems on the battery arises from water. This case can occur when the eBike is standing in the rain and the battery pack has been removed from the eBike. It may happen that water collects in the plug due to the rain. If the plug is then inserted into the socket on the battery, the battery may short-circuit and the contacts may burn. You can prevent this by freeing the battery plug from the water. Often, a shake down is all that is needed to remove the water.

Electrical defects due to plugging and unplugging of connectors

Electrical defects in the eBike system can be caused by plugging and unplugging contacts when the display u.o. battery is switched on. 

There are several plug connections in the Go Swissdrive system:

Motor connector (connection between motor and wiring harness)

Battery connector (connection between wiring harness and battery)

Display connector (connection between cable harness and display/docking station)

Please make sure that the system is de-energized before disconnecting any of the connectors. Turn off the display and/or put the battery into sleep mode. Note that the harness carries a voltage even when the display is off. 

With the CAN system, unplugging a connector that is not de-energized can cause the electronics in the motor to malfunction. Especially

With all Go SwissDrive batteries known to us, you can put the battery into sleep mode by pressing and holding the button on the battery.

Other Problems

Cracking in the area of the rear wheel while riding

While riding your E-bike, you may experience a crackling noise. This can have many different causes and the location of the crackling is often difficult to find. Es gibt jedoch einige typische Anzeichen, die dir helfen können, die Ursache des Problems zu bestimmen.

A distinction is made between the following phenomena:

  1. Occasional occurrence of the cracking sound
  2. Constant occurrence of cracking
  3. Cracking only under load
  4. Cracking when turning the rear wheel without load
  5. Cracking when turning the pedals without load
  6. Cracking when pedaling with load
  7. Time of occurrence of the cracking noise
    1. After the first several hundred kilometers of use
    2. Only when cornering, mostly in one direction
    3. After a certain period of driving (e.g. after 20-30 minutes)
    4. After a longer period of use (several thousand kilometers)
    5. When the temperature changes (cold to warm, warm to cold)

Possible causes for the cracking can be:

  1. Spokes slightly loose or different spoke tension (1, 2, 3, 7a-d)
  2. Screws on the motor housing slightly loose (1, 2, 3, 6, 7a-c)
  3. Worn pawls of the freewheel (1, 2, 4-6, 7c-e)
  4. Dirt and/or grease on the freewheel that has hardened and latches that will sometimes be stuck (1-6, 7c-e)
  5. Chain that has lengthened due to use (1, 2, 5, 6, 7d)
  6. Interlocking for freewheel on motor that are worn (1, 2, 4-6, 7c-e)
  7. Bearings in the motor that are worn (1, 2, 6, 7 7c-e)
  8. Bearings in bottom bracket worn out (1-3, 6, 7c-e)
  9. Heavily soiled rear derailleur (1, 2, 5, 6, 7d-e)
Depending on your level of knowledge, you canfix causes A-E, H and I yourself or the dealer you trust .
Bei den Fällen F und G musst du den Motor oder das komIn cases F and G, you may need to send the motor or the complete rear wheel to YouMo. pletter Hinterrad zu YouMo einsenden.

To prevent cracking, we recommend that you have your eBike serviced regularly or have it serviced by your dealer.

Pedals can be partially pedaled

If the pedals can be partially pedaled there is probably a defect in the freehub cassette body of your eBike. We strongly recommend that you stop riding to avoid damage to the motor. The freehub cassette body should be removed and replaced by a specialist dealer. If you are technically experienced, you can also remove and replace it yourself. You can buy spare parts for this in our online shop. It is also important to check the gearing on the motor where the pawls of the body engage for damage. Often, pedaling is preceded by a clicking noise in the area of the rear wheel. We have created a separate section for this in the FAQ. Early maintenance of your electric bike will prevent major damage to the motor.

Compatibility between ANT+ and Bikebus System/ Conversion from ANT+ to Bikebus

Some eBike manufacturers have installed the Go Swissdrive system with the ANT+ communication system. The ANT+ is contrary to the wired Bikebus system, a wireless transmission system.

In the ANT+ system, the heart is built into the battery. It is connected to the motor via a cable and controls it. The display is connected to the battery via the ANT+ wireless connection. ANT+ and Bikebus system are not compatible with each other and the components can not be interchanged.

If you want to convert your eBike from ANT+ to the Bikebus system, a conversion is required that includes the following:

  • Reprogramming the motor
  • Replacing the wiring harness
  • Complement with a compatible display

However, there is a limitation in compatibility. Since the existing battery cannot communicate with the Bikebus system, the capacity of the battery is not shown on the display. If you want this conversion, you can have it done by us or by an authorized dealer who has experience with the Go SwissDrive system.

The Go SwissDrive app is no longer available in the app store

The Go SwissDrive app for iPhone and Android was developed by the company Go SwissDrive and was available on the app stores.
For Android, it is still the case on the Google Playstore. For the iPhone version it was taken off the app store. Probably because the app has not been updated and is no longer compatible with the latest IOS.
We are not a legal successor of Go SwissDrive and have no influence on the availability of the Go SwissDrive App.

The usefulness of the original app was limited from our point of view, which is why we are not currently focusing on it. If that changes in the future, we would communicate that here. If you have specific suggestions about the app and its functionalities, feel free to contact us via our contact form.

The E-Bike suddenly stops while riding

The sudden shutdown of the eBike can have various causes, which can vary depending on the occurrence of the fault:

  1. Under heavy load or after a certain time:

    Possible cause: A defective battery.

  2. The eBike can then be switched on again and continues to ride for a certain period of time:

    Possible causes: This problem can be caused by several factors, including:

    • Fault in the wiring harness or plug connectors.
    • A defective battery.
    • A defective motor.
  3. The eBike can only be switched on again with difficulty, possibly only by reconnecting and disconnecting the battery or the cable connections:

    Possible causes: This problem is often due to faults in the wiring harness or connectors.

To narrow down the source of error here, recommended to carry out a cross-exchange of the componentsContact your dealer or us to locate and rectify the fault.

How do I correctly determine the tire circumference of my eBike?

Preparation: Make sure your bike or eBike is in an upright position and the weight is evenly distributed on both tires. Make sure the tires are fully inflated to get accurate measurements.

Marking on the tire: Find a spot on the tire where you can make a mark. This can be, for example, a certain point on the tire or the place where the valve is located.

Ground mark: Make a mark on the ground directly under the selected location on the tire. For example, you can use an adhesive strip or a piece of chalk.

Initial position: Make sure that the valve is positioned at the selected mark on the floor.

Roll the eBike: Roll the eBike forward until the valve reaches the mark on the ground again. Make sure that the bike goes straight while rolling and does not lurch.

Mark on the floor: Make another mark on the floor once the valve has returned to the starting position.

Measure the distance: Measure the distance between the two floor markings. Use a tape measure or folding rule to determine the exact distance. The measured distance between the floor markings corresponds to the tire circumference of your eBike.

Instructions for troubleshooting using the cross-change test on a Go SwissDrive e-bike system

One or more of the components of your eBike system no longer work and/or your system can no longer be switched on. You have working spare parts or another working eBike. You can determine which of the component(s) is/are defective by cross swapping.


1. prepare the working components:
make sure that the replacement components are working properly. Make sure you have spare components or another eBike where the components are compatible with each other. Please note that there are variants where displays, batteries and motor, are not compatible with each other.

2. check the wiring harness:
Thoroughly inspect the wiring harness for damage, loose connections, or other obvious problems. Make sure that all connectors are firmly connected and that there are no worn or broken wires. In particular, note the section Contact problems on the battery.

Replace the display:
Locate the cable connection of the display or docking station and carefully disconnect it from the original connection. Connect the replacement display/docking station to the harness by mating the appropriate connectors. Now try to switch on the e-bike. If the system boots successfully, the original display is faulty. If the problem persists, go to the next step.

Replace the original display beforehand.

Replace the battery:
Remove the original battery from the e-bike. Attach the spare battery to the e-bike and make sure it is properly connected. Try to switch on the e-bike again. If the system now starts properly, the original battery was faulty. If the problem persists, go to the next step.

Replace the original battery beforehand.

Replace the motor:
Disconnect the connection of the motor to the wiring harness. Connect the replacement motor to the wiring harness. Try to switch on the e-bike again. If the system now works properly, the original motor was defective. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

6. exchange of several components at the same time:

If your eBike cannot be switched on error-free in any of the cases, several components may be defective at the same time. VPlease replace the display and battery first, and if this does not work, also replace the motor.

If your eBike still does not switch on without errors, your wiring harness is probably defective.

7. identification of multiple faulty components if the wiring harness is also affected:

This step is necessary if another component is defective in addition to the wiring harness. You need second functioning eBike/system, Thus you can identify all faulty components without any doubt.

After you have already performed steps 1. to 6. once, you now change to the components from the non-functioning eBike to the functioning eBike. Proceed exactly in the same order as in points 2 to 5. The second faulty component besides the wiring harness is then identified in one of the steps.

Further information about Go SwissDrive spare parts and repairs of engines

YouMo introduces a spare parts and repair service for existing Go SwissDrive systems toofferlong-term solution for customers . Background information can be found in this press release and on our Go SwissDrive page.

 Our FAQ page here should help you to solve the first problems with your eBike.

If you need help solving technical problems with your Go SwissDrive system, please contact us via our repair and service form and submit a request.

Since the introduction of the spare parts and repair service for Go SwissDrive systems, we have received hundreds of inquiries that have provided us with valuable experience and insights.

Since the launch of the Go SwissDrive spare parts and repair service, we have received hundreds of inquiries that have provided us with valuableGo SwissDrive experience and knowledge. 

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