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What makes the XCYC cargo bikes special

From the all-rounder to the heavy-duty wheel

XCYC Cargo Bike Detail

Main advantages of the XCYC cargo bikes

icon vorteil nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable and easy e-mobility

icon vorteil modern

Modern and cool e cargo bike

icon vorteil multifunktionale aufbausysteme

Multifunctional body systems can be easily integrated

icon vorteil hohe belastbarkeit

High load capacity and exceptional stability

icon vorteil individualisiertes branding

High customizability (desired color and logo branding)

icon vorteil logistiklösung

Safe and reliable transportation solution

icon vorteil made in germany

Design Manufacturing / Made in Germany

icon vorteil kein führerschein

No driver’s license / insurance license plate necessary

icon vorteil komplett service

Complete service in Switzerland

Convenient for people with mobility problems

Ideal for companies

Great for family and leisure

Cargo bikes suitable for a wide range of activities

Cargo bikes are already used in a wide variety of industries

For courier and delivery services, the use of transportation bikes is natural.

However, this type of mobility has long been used as a mobile sales stand, whether at the weekly market or at special events such as a street food event. Branding makes the brand even more memorable for customers.

In the catering and food trade, loads e-bikes are also very popular: from the bakery, pizza service, ice cream sales or the transport of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Last but not least, an e-load bike is the perfect solution for quiet inner city logistics.

In addition to healthcare facilities and pharmacies that use the Bike Cargo bikes for transportation, garden and landscaping companies are also increasingly turning to smart mobility solutions. Even in agriculture, e-cargo bikes are bringing about sustainable change.

With attachments specially developed for municipal tasks, the use of cargo e-bikes also brings a great many advantages for municipalities.

Last but not least, heavy-duty wheels like the XCYC PICKUPs are a reliable means of transport for trade and commerce, e.g. in factory traffic on company premises or as an addition to the vehicle fleet.

XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND - ideal für Transportaufgaben

Pickup Allround schwarz

The maneuverable and sturdy XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND is very flexible when transporting goods, tools, shopping or a family outing thanks to various superstructures.

  • Loading area 850×748 mm
  • 9-speed Shimano Deore derailleur system
  • Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX, 25 km/h, 75 Nm
  • Maximum permissible total weight 250 kg
  • Optionally with StVZO equipment

from 6.250 CHF

Matching bodies for the XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND

The XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND Cargo Bike in use

Works transport on 3 wheels

A versatile transport solution thanks to multifunctional structures.

A smart helper

... and a sustainable addition to the fleet.

Transport bikes on sale

This ensures that goods arrive safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The cargo e-bike in everyday life

Transport heavy shopping with ease on a cargo bike.

Freedom of movement in the city centre

Reaching your destination without detours.

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Special bike for people with mobility problems

cargo bike lieferdienst vorteile

XCYC offers freedom of movement for people with mobility problems. The XCYC cargo bikes are also suitable for people with disabilities, as their needs have been taken into account in the development to make their lives easier and enable them to be independent.

The XCYC cargo bikes were designed by technicians, designers and people with disabilities as part of the GWW project and enable people with mobility problems to carry out everyday activities such as doctor’s visits, shopping or leisure activities without additional assistance.

But what distinguishes them from other types of cargo bikes? Firstly, they have 3 wheels, which avoids falls during the ride and ensures stability and safety. They can be driven effortlessly over long distances and without a driving licence. They are also comfortable and offer storage space.

They are special bikes designed for people with different disabilities and special needs, e.g. people with:

  • One or more disabilities
  • a physical or mental impairment
  • Sensory or mental disability

In practice, XCYCs are also used in retail. The XCYCs offer people with disabilities jobs and a chance to participate in “normal” life. There, for example, the XCYC Allround is used by people with special needs for delivery services.

XCYC WORK 4.0 - The transport bike for businesses

XCYC Work 4.0

The most powerful of the XCYC cargo bikes delights with even higher-quality equipment in use.

  • Loading area 1300×994 mm
  • Maximum installation height 1200 mm
  • Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed hub gears
  • Bosch Drive Unit CX CargoLine e-drive, 25 km/h, 85 Nm
  • Permissible total weight 300 kg
  • Incl. StVZO equipment

from 9.339 CHF

Suitable attachments for the XCYC PICKUP WORK 4.0

The XCYC PICKUP WORK 4.0 Cargo Bike in use

Innovative parcel delivery

Courier and delivery service by transport bike.

For municipalities and communities

An environmentally friendly alternative.

Transport of goods in the city centre

Quiet, clean and discreet.

Transporting goods with the XCYC PICKUP WORK

Up to 300 kg maximum load capacity.

Visibility for your own brand

Individualisation of cargo bikes and attachments.

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XCYC Cargo Bikes Flotte

XCYC structures

Individualise the cargo bike

Allround Relingaufbau mit Klemmstangen

Allround railing construction

XCYC Allround_Reling-Aufbau mit Wand-Set

Wall set for railing construction Allround

XCYC Allround Transportkoffer

Transport case Allround


Relining Work

XCYC Work_Alukoffer

Transport case Work


Tarpaulin structure Work

XCYC Lastenrad individualisieren

Possibility of individual customisation

Choose logo and varnish

On request, the XCYC Cargo E-Bike can be used as a marketing and advertising tool. The individual branding is ideal for:

  • Delivery and courier services
  • Gastronomie
  • Tourism
  • Trade
  • Associations
  • Industrial company
  • Mobile sales and advertising stands

Increase the visibility and awareness of your brand.

About XCYC

A brand of the GWW

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YouMo offers service and repair for XCYC cargo bikes

From planning to customer service

Do you need help with planning and implementation or are you wondering how customer service works?

Together with our partner XCYC, we are happy to support you at any time in the following points:

  • Advice
  • Mediation
  • Planning and implementation for
    Municipalities, companies, trade
  • Tailor-made and sustainable mobility solutions for transport and commercial traffic
  • Customer service

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